SER 2010 Brake Van built 1898

SER 2010 Brake Van built 1898

SER  2010 Brake Van built 1898
SER 2010 Brake Van built 1898


Present Location Kent East Sussex
County Location Kent
Designed For SER
Built by SER
Where built Ashford
General type 6w Brake Van
First Number 1010
Present Number 2010
Other numbers SR 55371, (KESR 102)
Diagram number 1558
Status Restored
Capacity (tons) 20
Operating Yes
Stored In the open
Number of Wheels 6
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheelbase 10 ft
Rarity Unique
Notes Originally built 1898 for SER as single ended, rebuilt by SECR between 1914-1920 with two enclosed balconies (diagram 1558). Became SR 55371 and after withdrawal was sold in 1946 to Royal Air Force Estsblishment, Farnborough. Purchased by KESR in 1965. It was restored in the late 1970's, overhauled in 1986 and again fully refurbished during 1996/97. It is fitted with through vacuum piping to allow it to work with mixed trains.
Inspected by Mike Haddon
Date of Inspection 06/09/2012
Photo by Mike Haddon
Photo Date 06/09/2012
Date Record Last Updated 15/07/2018



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