GWR 68669 Brake Van

GWR 68669 Brake Van

GWR  68669 Brake Van
GWR 68669 Brake Van


Present Location Llangollen
Designed For GWR
Built by GWR
Where built Swindon
General type 4w Brake Van
Specific type Toad
First Number 68669
Present Number 68669
Other numbers DW 68669
Owner Llangollen Railway plc
Diagram number AA.15
Status Restored
Condition Excellent
Capacity (tons) 20
Wheelbase 16 ft
Rarity Several
Notes Ex Severn Valley Railway
Inspected by Andrew Jenkins
Date of Inspection 31/12/2008
Photo by Philip Walton
Photo Date 07/09/2009
Date Record Last Updated 11/09/2011



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