GWR 42239 Grain Hopper Van built 1927

GWR 42239 Grain Hopper Van built 1927

GWR  42239 Grain Hopper Van built 1927
GWR 42239 Grain Hopper Van built 1927


Present Location Didcot
County Location Oxfordshire
Designed For GWR
Built by GWR
Where built Swindon
General type 4w Ventilated Van
First Number 42239
Present Number 42239
Owner GWR 813 Preservation Fund
Diagram number V20
Lot number 1006
Status Restored
Condition Fair
Capacity (tons) 20
Operating No
Stored In the open
Number of Wheels 4
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheelbase 10 ft 6 in
Rarity Unique
Notes Originally built as a "convertible" Grain Van with 2 side doors. Small windows were fitted near to the roof line to enable personnel to determine if the vehicle was full of grain or empty. The van was filled via the roof hatch & emptied via a sliding trap door which opened the chute in the floor of the van. The interior hopper ends could be swung down inside the length of the van to allow it to be used as an ordinary van. Early in the 1930's, it was converted to a Bulk Cement Van for the "Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Cement Co.". External changes was the provision of a flatter roof & the end windows were removed. Since the sloping floor cut across the doorways, convertibility was abandoned & the doors fixed. In 1940, it was re-converted to a Grain Van. The high roof was restored, but the sides were completely rebuilt with no doors. Ex Severn Valley Railway
Inspected by Nigel Hunt
Date of Inspection 01/03/2009
Photo by Nigel Hunt
Photo Date 01/03/2009
Date Record Last Updated 13/08/2020



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