BR 'Fruit D' Van (body only) built 1957

BR 'Fruit D' Van (body only) built 1957

BR  'Fruit D' Van (body only) built 1957
BR 'Fruit D' Van (body only) built 1957


Present Location UNDISCLOSED
Designed For BR
Built by BR
Where built Swindon
First Number 92029
Owner Private
Diagram number 805
Lot number 30345
External Structural Condition Satisfactory
Underframe Condition Not Applicable
Operating No
Stored Secure Open
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Rarity Many
Historical Importance no Immediate Importance/Not Applicable
Notes Body P ?? 1972 to Birds Group, Long Marston. Body then sold on for further use at an unknown location in Warwickshire. To Coventry Railway Centre c1991. By 06/18: in private ownership following closure of Coventry site, and moved to a private residence, nearby.
Inspected by Michael Cope
Date of Inspection 19/11/2000
Photo by Steve West
Photo Date 11/09/2011
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 08/10/2019



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